Life Is Strange 2 Isn’t Back Until May, Release Schedule Detailed

You’ll be waiting a while longer to continue Life is Strange 2. Square Enix outlined the upcoming roadmap of releases for the remaining episodes, and the next one isn’t coming until late spring. The full season is slated to last through the rest of the year.

The company outlined its season of content on Steam. Episode 3 is coming on May 9, followed by Episode 4 on August 22, and Episode 5 on December 3. Those gaps are about what players may have expected given the four-month wait between the first two releases in September 2018 and January 2019, but it also means the story isn’t as close as fans may have hoped.

Life is Strange was a surprise from publisher Square Enix and gained a cult following around its mixture of sci-fi and fantasy tropes with the mundane parts of real life. It received a spin-off, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit, that served as a bridge and teaser for the sequel.

“Life is Strange paints an excellent, vivid picture of a young woman’s struggle for acceptance and justice, but trips itself up by trying to make things gamey,” critic Alex Ray Corriea said in GameSpot’s review of the first game’s final episode. “The story of Max and Chloe is a beautiful tale, but it’s marred by bizarre logical leaps and leftover plot holes. Aggravating out-of-place fetch quests and stealth sequences crack the somber atmosphere and very hamfistedly remind you that you’re playing a game. It’s unfortunate, because I do love Life is Strange’s story. I just wish the ending wasn’t so mismanaged.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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