Marvel’s Avengers Characters Have New(ish) Looks

When Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix showed the first look at Marvel’s Avengers at E3, the reception was less than kind to the appearance of the Avengers themselves. It appears that the studio took the criticism to heart, as the newest look from New York Comic Con gave us a fresh look with unmistakable changes to the character designs.

As noted by Twitter user Eren Caboose, a side-by-side look at some of the scenes from E3 compared to their NYCC appearances are noticeably different. Thor is the most obvious change, trading in his messy mane for a much more well-kempt hairstyle tied in the back, and a trimmed beard. Tony Stark may have also changed, albeit more subtly.

The initial backlash extended to most of the major Avengers characters, and these screenshots don’t give us an idea of whether Crystal Dynamics has also touched up Captain America, Black Widow, or Bruce Banner. The studio initially said the character designs wouldn’t change–which may still be true as these look slightly revised instead of an entire visual overhaul. The studio did note that it would still be putting in an extra layer of polish before release.

The NYCC showing also revealed that Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel will be the game’s main character, as she helps bring the heroes back together after the tragic events of A-Day. Marvel also showed off the Earth’s Mightest Collector’s Edition, with tons of goodies for fans. The game is coming on May 15, 2020.

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