Persona 5 Royal Takes Over Shibuya In Real Life To Celebrate Its Launch In Japan

The reimagined, revamped version of Persona 5 has officially launched in Japan, and developer/publisher Atlus went the extra mile in letting people know it’s out there. Along with a launch day livestream, a modified version of Persona 5 Royal‘s opening cinematic took over multiple screens at the iconic Shibuya Crossing. It’s life imitating art, as the Phantom Thieves have a knack for hijacking the huge screens of their fictional Shibuya during pivotal moments in the game.

You can watch an on-the-ground video of this happening in a tweet from the official Japanese Persona Twitter account:

The Twitter fan account Persona Spain also clipped the moment from the livestream’s angle, which you can see below:

Here’s a photo from the ground that shows another angle of what it looked like at Shibuya Crossing:

P5R has a slew of additional content like a whole new palace, new social events, an extra semester in the story’s timeline, additional battle mechanics, more activities during free time in Tokyo, My Palace mode, new characters, new endings…it’s wild.

The new character, named Kasumi Yoshizawa, plays an immense role in P5R, and her presence drastically changes the way events of the original game play out. Not only is Kasumi woven into the existing story beats, but she has her own narrative arc that adds more to the story. You can learn more about her in my breakdown of Kasumi’s first character trailer.

I’ve been following Persona 5 Royal closely, and you can get up to speed with my earlier P5R trailer breakdown and explainer of P5R’s new features. Persona 5 Royal is set to launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 in the West in Spring next year.

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