Pokemon Go Entei Raid Day Announced, New Global Rewards Available

The second Pokemon Go Fest event of the summer took place this past weekend in Dortmund, Germany, and as usual, developer Niantic held a series of Global Challenges during the event that players around the world could participate in. As a reward for completing enough of these challenges, the studio has made some more bonuses available within the game for a limited time, and it’s bringing the Legendary Pokemon Entei back for a special Raid Day soon.

From now until 1 PM PT / 4 PM ET / 9 PM BST on July 16, all Pokemon Go players will receive triple the normal amount of XP for catching and hatching Pokemon. On top of that, you’ll earn twice as much XP from Raids as normal, and any Lucky Eggs you use will last for an hour rather than their usual 30-minute duration.

In addition to those bonuses, Entei, one of the three Legendary dogs from Pokemon Gold and Silver, will be making an encore appearance in Raid Battles this weekend. You’ll have another chance to battle the Legendary in five-star Raids from 4-7 PM local time on Sunday, July 14, and this time around, you may encounter its Shiny form. You’ll also be able to receive up to five free Raid Passes during that time, which you’ll need in order to participate in a Raid.

Entei is the second Legendary dog to return to Raids so far this summer; last month, Niantic held a special Raikou Raid Day as a reward for completing enough Global Challenges from Chicago’s Pokemon Go Fest event. One more Pokemon Go Fest is scheduled to take place in Yokohama, Japan, from August 6-12, and if players can likewise complete enough challenges during that event, the final Legendary dog, Suicune, will return to Raids.

In the meantime, Pokemon Go’s current Legendary, Groudon, is leaving Raid Battles on July 10 (although you’ll still have a chance to encounter it through July’s Field Research tasks). That same day, Armored Mewtwo will make its debut in the game, and it’ll be available through the end of the month. Another Pokemon Go Community Day is also taking place on July 21, and this one will feature the Gen 3 Water starter, Mudkip.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-go-entei-raid-day-announced-new-global-rew/1100-6468310/

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