PS4 Controller Gets Back Buttons Peripheral

The PS4‘s DualShock 4 controller is getting an optional upgrade, with the announcement of a new Back Button Attachment. The dongle slides onto the existing charging port of your DualShock, and adds two programmable buttons to the back. It’s coming in on January 23 for $30.

The teaser video shows the device clipping on, in which the two buttons are divided by a larger circular button. That central button is clickable to switch between three profiles, and also serves as an OLED screen to display button assignments and player profiles. The bottom of the device has a stereo headset jack.

Recently we’ve seen possible designs for the next-generation PlayStation controller, which have looked very similar to the existing DualShock 4. That controller patent had no back button functionality, but this add-on may indicate Sony is planning for future functionality if the next controller will follow suit. This adds functionality similar to the back buttons on the Xbox One Elite controller, and third-party controllers have added similar functions.

Meanwhile, both Microsoft and Sony have been slowly detailing their next-gen plans. For more detail on what Sony has in store, check out our wrap-up of everything we know about the PlayStation 5.

from GameSpot – Game News

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