Rainbow Six Siege Operator Warden Revealed In New Trailer

Ubisoft has released a second teaser trailer for its upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Operation Phantom Sight expansion. This video shows off Phantom Sight’s second Operator, Warden. Warden’s real name is Collinn McKinley and he’s one of Team Rainbow’s older Operators with 30 years of career experience.

In the new trailer, which can be watched below, Warden is identified as a Defender. After a brief shot of a watch that reveals Warden’s ties to both the Secret Service and Team Rainbow, the video transitions to a shot of Warden slowly walking forward as his glasses glow blue. We see glimpses of what Warden sees, which appear to be the possible actions an enemy can take. Regardless of what his glasses do exactly, they seem to be connected to his watch as both gadgets glow with the same luminescent blue.

“Hailing from the state of Kentucky, McKinley rose through the ranks of the Marines before he found his calling for close-protection detail in the Secret Service,” Ubisoft wrote in a blog post. “He demonstrated his skills distinctly when he led the Secretary of State to safety, during an attack where hostiles outmaneuvered all prior planning.”

After learning Phantom Sight’s other new Operator, Nøkk, could use her HEL device to turn invisible and hide in the shadows, we theorized–based on Phantom Sight’s initial yin-yang symbol teaser–that her counterpart would use a gadget designed to find or illuminate the position of Attackers or traps. It seems like that theory is correct, though Ubisoft hasn’t explicitly stated what exactly Warden’s Glance Smart Glasses do, only that they “reflect the nature of his natural talent, to see what most cannot in order to gain the upper hand in any given situation.”

From May 18-19, Ubisoft will host the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals in Milan. On May 19, the developer plans on revealing all the new content and in-game changes coming to Siege in the Operation Phantom Sight expansion, including breakdowns of both Nøkk and Warden.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/rainbow-six-siege-operator-warden-revealed-in-new-/1100-6466995/

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