The Division 2 Easter Eggs Reference For Honor And Grow Home

Now that The Division 2 is rolling out, we’ve quickly discovered some Easter Eggs, and of them relates to other Ubisoft games.

At a certain point early in the game, you’ll unlock an upgrade to the Theatre Settlement that helps bring joy to the apocalypse through the art of video games. To boost morale, a video game section of the Settlement becomes unlocked. And wouldn’t you guess it, but the children have decided to play none other than Ubisoft’s sword-fighting game For Honor.

Not only that, but in another nod to a Ubisoft game, there is a Grow Home board game clearly visible on the table. You can see images of the Easter Eggs embedded in this post.

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Funnily enough, the original The Division also contained Easter Eggs for For Honor and Grow Home, which at the time were new IPs just like The Division was.

The Division 2 is a very big game, and it surely contains other Easter Eggs that have not yet been discovered. For reference, the first game had an Easter Egg related to Chris Farley’s beloved “Van Down By The River” sketch from Saturday Night Live.

The Division 2’s Gold and Ultimate Editions are available now, while the standard version launches on March 15. GameSpot is currently playing through the game, and while our full review is coming later, you can read our early impressions here.

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