XCOM Spiritual Successor Phoenix Point Has Been Delayed

Snapshot Games has announced that Phoenix Point has been delayed. Instead of releasing on September 3, the XCOM-like strategy game is now scheduled to launch in December.

“While the development team is working hard, and Phoenix Point is shaping up really well, we now know we’re going to need more time to get it to meet our very high standards,” Snapshot Games wrote in a backer update. “As you probably know, Snapshot has a commitment to keep crunch to a minimum–and that is a commitment we take very seriously.”

This is the third time Phoenix Point has been delayed; the game was first scheduled for 2018 before being pushed back to July 2019 and then again to September. In response to the delay, Snapshot Games is offering a reward to backers who have been patiently waiting. “We know this is a significant delay,” the developer wrote. “The good news is that Backer Build 5 will be releasing on our original launch date, September 3, 2019, meaning backers and early-access buyers will be able to play a much more robust version of Phoenix Point very soon.”

First announced in 2016, Phoenix Point is designed by XCOM creator Julian Gollop. An E3 2019 demo of the game revealed just how much Phoenix Point is the spiritual successor to the strategy franchise, featuring a similar story and virtually the same mechanics. Phoenix Point expands on the formula, however, with additional features–such as enemies that mutate and adapt to player strategy, AI-controlled factions that compete with the player’s goals, and brand-new combat tactics. The game takes place on Earth in 2047 and sees you take command of the last remaining base standing against a Lovecraft-inspired alien threat.

Phoenix Point will release on PC, launching with a one-year exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/xcom-spiritual-successor-phoenix-point-has-been-de/1100-6468771/

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