Yakuza 7 Mini-Games Include Go-Karts, Slot Machines, And Boring Movies

You’ll be able to race go-carts, play PachiSlot, and try to stay awake during movies in Yakuza: Like a Dragon–when you aren’t summoning a crayfish to help you through a battle. The latest issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu (via Gematsu) shares a slew of new details about the upcoming action-RPG.

We already knew the game would adopt a turn-based combat system, and now we have a little more info about how those battles will take place. When a fight breaks out, the regular citizens will transform into RPG enemies, sporting mohawks, wearing different (or less) clothing, and brandishing weapons. If you need a hand in battle, though, you can pay some money through your smartphone to summon help. A few summon examples include Gary Buster Holmes, Gonda Wara, and a crayfish.

When you aren’t beating up hooligans, you can relax with the new suite of mini-games. Those include a “Dragon Kart” mini-game where you race through the streets and pick up boxes with weapons like a rocket launcher or Gatling gun. Another game has you pressing buttons to stay awake during a traditional movie. Finally, you can play PachiSlot machines, a specialized Japanese slot machine.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon, aka Yakuza 7, stars Ichiban Kasuga, after Yakuza 6: The Song of Life wrapped up the story of the previous protagonist Kazuma Kiryu. Sega is adopting a turn-based battle system as homage to Dragon Quest. To match thematically, the new hero is canonically a huge DQ fan. he game is due in January in Japan, and sometime in 2020 in the West.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/yakuza-7-mini-games-include-go-karts-slot-machines/1100-6469785/

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