How Long Is Luigi’s Mansion 3?

Luigi’s Mansion 3 launches on Nintendo Switch later this week. This installment of the series takes the cowardly plumber to the Last Resort, a towering hotel filled with tons of ghosts and collectibles to find, but how long does it take to work your way through the adventure?

We’ve played through Luigi’s Mansion 3 prior to writing our review, and it took us approximately 18 hours to clear the main story mode. We played through the game very leisurely and tracked down most–but not all–of the special gems hidden on each floor, so your individual playtime will vary depending on how thoroughly you scour the hotel.

In addition to the main story, Luigi’s Mansion 3 features two dedicated multiplayer modes that will extend its longevity. First is ScareScraper, which was originally introduced in Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon. The mode plays out very similarly to the 3DS game, challenging players with clearing floors of a tower within a time limit. Each floor has a different objective; some will ask you to defeat all the ghosts, while others will task you with finding Toads and bring them back to a safe point.

On top of that, Luigi’s Mansion 3 introduces a new multiplayer mode called ScreamPark. This is a local-only party mode that pits two teams against each other in mini-games. At launch, there are three different mini-games to choose from; you can take a closer look at ScreamPark in Nintendo’s extended gameplay demo. Nintendo will release additional content for ScareScraper and ScreamPark as paid DLC, but the company hasn’t announced what that will be or when it’ll arrive.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 releases, fittingly enough, on October 31. We awarded it an 8/10 in our Luigi’s Mansion 3 review and called it “perhaps the best installment in the series yet.” If you can’t wait to get your hands on the game, you can at least keep yourself amused with this terrifying (but free) printable Gooigi mask until it launches later this week.

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