How To Survive Your First Night In Minecraft

How To Survive Your First Night In Minecraft

In Getting Started In Minecraft, TheFaxFox briefly explained how to remain alive on the first night. We think everybody should go through the dread of sheltering in a dark burrow immediately, but let’s see how to do things correctly.

Assuming you start around dawn, you’ll have 10 minutes to gather all the resources you’ll need. Begin by scouting out the region; you’re going to need trees for wood. We highly suggest finding coal ore or some sheep before nightfall, watch out for both of those.

Punch A Tree

The first thing that you’ll want is wood. Look for a tree and punch it by holding down the left mouse button before a chunk of wood breaks off.

Don’t give up your mouse button, or go away from the wood, or you’ll have to begin again.

Repeat till you have accumulated all of the wood in the tree. You should have four or five blocks of wood.

Get Crafting

The next step is to manage a few of the items you’re going to want. The very first thing to do would be to convert the wood you harvested to wooden planks.

Press ‘E’ to start your inventory screen. Practice moving objects around in your inventory screen, left-click to select up your entire stack or right-click to cut the stack in half.

Pick up the wood you just collected and set it in the crafting area of your inventory. Combine two wood blocks in one square to create wood planks.

Minecraft Crafting Table

Create a Crafting Table

Now use four wood planks, one in each square, to make a crafting table.

Place the crafting table then left click, you’ll see another display with your inventory along with a crafting place; now the crafting area is a 3×3 square foot.

Create Your First Wood Tool

Put two wood planks on the crafting table, one over the other, to create a few sticks. Then use planks and sticks to make a wooden pickaxe.

This is the very first tool; you could use it to dig, chop trees down or kill things. You can make other wooden tools such as an axe, shovel or sword, but there is not much point as you would like to proceed to stone tools as soon as possible.

Chop another tree down, this time together with your pickaxe in hand.

You can break down the crafting table to bring you, by whacking it with your pickaxe. Or you could create a crafting table when you want it.

Scouting A Home

Look for a nearby location to build your very first home. You can make a home, but it’s going to be faster to dig out an underground shelter. An ideal location is the side of a mountain or mountain face.

Have a moment or two to locate an ideal location; while you are on the way, watch out for the following:

  • Take advantage of your pickaxe to mine coal and cobblestone ore.
  • If you dig a couple of blocks of sand you’ll have the ability to create glass windows.
  • You kill three or possibly more sheep to get three pieces of wool to create a bed.
  • Be sure that you have many pieces of wood you haven’t crafted to planks.

Construct A House

Together with your pickaxe, begin digging a new residence, The door should be two blocks high and one block wide, opening into a bigger space indoors.

Do not do a lot at first: when you’ve got a little space inside, you are going to want to do a bit more crafting. Put your crafting table down within your new shelter.

Create Torches

You are going to want to generate a few torches to light up your house. Can you find any coal ores? If so that is blessed. By putting the sticks down and the coal right above in the crafting table, you’ll make torches!

If you did not find coal, then you’ll want to create charcoal. Otherwise, dig a little more for coal ore till you’ve enough.

Put the furnace someplace handy. Click on it, put three wood blocks at the upper section (“ingredients”) and two wooden planks under (from the”fuel” slot).

You may observe flames, along with the wood is going to be flipped into charcoal probably. Utilize the charcoal to create torches, just as described previously.

Lighting Up Your Space

Maintaining your torches, right-click to set them in your wall or floor. Be sure that your house is well-lit constantly – no corner should be more than six blocks from the light source.

Create Windows

You may want windows to see when it’s daytime, can you find any sand? Use your furnace to generate sand into glass.

If you don’t have any glass, then just one block hole may be utilized as a window. It is too little for mobs to get through, but be warned that they will shoot arrows through if you’re unlucky.

Or if you have any wool from killing sheep, you’ll probably want to make a bed and sleep through the night.

Minecraft Double Chest


You’ll likely need some storage to put your things in as you accumulate more.

By putting two chests down side by side, you’ll instantly get a bigger, double chest.

Close That Door!

The final thing to achieve is constructing a doorway to keep critters out. You need to have six wooden planks. Lay them out in your crafting table in two rows of three.

Put the doorway by directly clicking on the ground in the door, and your home is currently a protected refuge! You will endure through the night, and you’ve got light in which to begin on some home improvements.

Home Improvements

You may want to utilize any remaining daytime to accumulate additional coal, wood, or some other resources that are nearby.

When it is dark, it is possible to see about enlarging your new residence, squaring off things and possibly constructing some rooms.

You’ll probably want to use your crafting table to create much better tools with cobblestone rather than wood planks.

Things To Do Next

Is it dark? You may want to wait til daylight, then go researching or foraging outside. At this point, you’ll probably be looking at getting some food for your hunger bar.

You’ll also want to have more wood (faster to get today with your brand new cobblestone axe), possibly a few leather pieces to get armor, and much more. But create a sword before going!

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