Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Expansion Coming This September For PS4 And Xbox One

During Sony’s recent State of Play, Capcom released a new trailer for the upcoming Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter World. In addition to seeing some new monsters and locations from the expansion, which will bring the hunters to a new region on the expansive island that has its own secrets to uncover. Capcom also revealed the release date for Iceborne, which is set to launch on September 6 for PS4 and Xbox One. Unfortunately, the PC release will launch sometime after in the winter.

Capcom followed up with their own livestream as well, revealing more details about what to expect with Iceborne. Though Monster Hunter World has seen a steady flow of new content since its debut, this marks the first time the game will have a proper expansion. If you already own Monster Hunter World, you can upgrade to the expansion once it’s released. However, if you haven’t had the chance to dive into the game just yet, then you can buy the new edition of MHW in September, which includes the full game, its many updates, and the new expansion with Iceborne.

The new area you’ll travel to is called the Hoarfrost Reach, a new region on the massive island from the core game. Snow plays a big part into the core gameplay, which also ties into the existing temperature mechanics from the main game. If you find yourself walking in heavy snow, then your character’s movement will become significantly slower. To combat the cold effects, you can find herbs to boost your stamina and attributes. You can even find a hot springs, which will greatly improve your character’s status.

Iceborne will also include a whole suite of new monsters. During the livestream, the developers showed off Banbaro, an early brute wyvern that tends to use the environment to its advantage. Another new monster is the Beotodus, Iceborne’s first large-scale monster you’ll encounter. This particular beast will bury itself beneath the snow and strike from below. These two monsters, in particular, are incredibly hostile towards one another, which will result in some brutal fights between the two. Some monsters from previous games will also make a return in Iceborne, including Freedom Unite’s Nargacuga.

There’s also some new upgrades to existing Hunter gadget. The Slinger has been upgraded with the use of a new Clutch Claw, allowing you to freely grapple and mantle enemies. Another upgraded gadget is the Power Shot, which can improve the flinch rate on monsters. Some of these modified gadgets can be used in mid-combo, and even during evades.

Along with new monsters and quests, there will be all new gear and upgrades for your character to collect. This expansion is looking to be a sizeable update to an already massive game. Iceborne also introduces a new rank called Master Rank, which is similar to the G-Rank from previous games. The big bad of Iceborne is the new elder dragon Velkana, who’s you got to see in the trailer.

In our review of Monster Hunter World, Ginny Woo gave the game a 9/10:

“Ever since the title was first announced, it was clear that Capcom was gunning for something grander than Monster Hunter Generations. It has succeeded, and this is likely the biggest and best that the franchise has ever been. It’s not just the comparative depth of the narrative; it also boasts almost seamless integration between combat systems that were previously incomprehensible for amateurs. The Monster Hunter formula has definitely honed its claws, and all the above factors play their part in making Monster Hunter World a meaningful evolution for the series at large.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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