New John Wick Hex Trailer Reveals October Release Date

Good Shepherd Entertainment has released a new trailer for John Wick Hex, the upcoming action strategy game based on the popular film franchise. The trailer, which can be watched below, reveals John Wick Hex is scheduled to release on October 8.

John Wick Hex sees Ian McShane and Lance Reddick reprise their respective roles as Winston and Charon, while Troy Baker has been cast as the titular antagonist, Hex. The trailer showcases the game’s cel-shaded art style and teases the original story that will be told. Most of the trailer focuses on the game’s combat, though.

The game is turn-based and sees you strategically run through a variety of different environments and gun through a series of enemy henchmen. The trailer showcases that you’ll need to manage your health and focus and can change your stance to perform different moves, such as dodge rolls and hand-to-hand takedowns. “Each action you choose has risks and consequences, and each weapon changes the tactics at hand,” Good Shepherd Entertainment wrote in a press release. “Ammo is finite and realistically simulated, so time your reloads and make the most of the tools you find on the job.”

Unlike traditional turn-based strategy games, John Wick Hex will not include random percentages for each action. Every action will have a logically set success rate to aid in making tactical decisions. “It’s the logic of the fight that when you’re watching as a viewer, you think, yeah, that seems how you would fight, and that’s the driving principle of every choice we’re making is, does this feel like it’s sensible?” developer Bithell Games co-founder Mike Bithell said. “Like you say, if I’m directly in front of a guy, the chance of me hitting him is 100% every time. Because it is. If I’m John Wick, he would not miss at this range. One of our starting assumptions with the game was that we thought that John Wick never misses. You go back, watch the movie, he totally does, but he misses in places where that feels logical.”

John Wick Hex will launch on PC as an Epic Games Store limited-time exclusive.

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