PSA: Destiny 2’s Iron Banner Is Back, But Don’t Redeem Pinnacle Rewards Yet

With daylight savings time ending this week in the United States, Bungie’s weekly and daily resets in Destiny 2 will now occur an hour earlier than usual, happening at 9 AM PT. With the November 5 reset, Iron Banner has returned to Crucible, although there’s a key detail to be aware of before cashing in the Pinnacle rewards from it or any other activity.

Bungie is making changes to Pinnacle rewards, which are those that allow you to increase your Power level from 950 to the current cap of 960. This process was meant to be slow but is a true slog due to the way it’s worked since the launch of Shadowkeep. But that’s now changing in a welcome direction.

As detailed during the most recent This Week At Bungie blog, Pinnacle rewards will now drop at +2 Power instead of +1. As a result, you’ll only need these drops in four slots (rather than all of them) to increase your Power level. That should make it less frustrating when you end up with a Pinnacle reward in a slot where you don’t see any Power level increase.

This is the important part: The change won’t go live until this Thursday, November 7. That means that any Pinnacle rewards you might earn between now and then will still drop at +1, including those from completing Iron Banner bounties. As such, to maximize your gains, you should wait until Bungie releases its hotfix on Thursday to earn any of your Pinnacle rewards.

Season 8’s Iron Banner armor

In the meantime, if you didn’t finish it during the first Iron Banner of the season, you can now continue working your way through the Scour the Rust quest. Doing so will entitle you to a full set of the quite nice-looking Season 8 “Iron Will” armor that is available for Hunters, Warlocks, and Titans.

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