Sega Teases Yakuza Reveal For Late August

Sega has teased something new for the Yakuza series, setting the debut date in August. The new game will seemingly introduce an all-new protagonist now that Kazuma Kiryu’s story has concluded, but the Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio has indulged in teasing the fans about the new game.

A tweet promises a press conference to be held in Japan on August 29. The announcement was accompanied by an image of Ichiban Kasuga, the protagonist Yakuza Online, suggesting he’ll factor into the game somehow. It’s unclear if this will be considered the next mainline Yakuza game or a spin-off, or even additional content for Yakuza Online.

Yakuza Online first introduced Kasuga. That game detailed his backstory as a former Tojo Yakuza released from prison prison, now having to find his way through a changed world.

The last game developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio released was Judgement. Though Judgment was a very different game from the rest of the Yakuza series, it added a similar flavor to the world and came with mechanics of its own, with mixed results.

“It’s disappointing to realize that Judgment is at its best when it veers closer to the mold that it came from,” Edmond Tran wrote in GameSpot’s review. “Even though the game’s familiar fighting and side activities will happily keep you occupied, it’s a shame that the most intriguing and unique additions are also the dullest things about Judgment, because the new roster of characters have been wonderfully crafted otherwise. Yagami, Kaito, and the supporting cast are incredibly endearing, and following their every move as they unravel the sinister machinations looming under the surface of Kamurocho is a sensational journey. I can’t wait to return to these characters, but I’m hoping we can all do something different next time.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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