SteamWorld Quest Update Adding New Game Plus, New Difficulty, And More

SteamWorld Quest is getting a major update that adds loads of new features, especially for players who have already completed the campaign. The SteamWorld Quest 2.0 update will drop on August 8, bringing a new difficulty mode, New Game Plus, and more.

The New Game Plus mode will let you replay the game from the beginning and you’ll have access to all of a character’s previously unlocked cards as soon as they join you in the story. A new Legend Remix difficulty is even tougher than the usual Legendary setting, and as it’s a remix, it also adds modifiers to some encounters. That difficulty option is only available through New Game Plus. The update will also add an art gallery and jukebox, so you can check out concept art and illustrations and listen to the soundtrack.

Other changes include HD Rumble for the Nintendo Switch tournament, more consumable items at the merchant’s wagon, easier access to the Midas Grand Prix tournament, and other balance tweaks and bug fixes. The announcement also teased that the game is coming to other platforms soon, and that a physical version is incoming.

To mark the update, developer Image & Form is discounting the game by 20% on Nintendo Switch and PC.

SteamWorld Quest is the latest in Image & Form’s SteamWorld series, which regularly explores different genres. It’s been home to a tower defense game, an action-platformer, and a strategy game. SteamWorld Quest is the studio’s take on classic RPGs, with a card-battling mechanic at the heart of the combat system.

“Quest gives you a lot of complex combinations to play around with while also keeping things approachable enough to not feel daunting,” Alessandro Barbosa wrote in GameSpot’s review. “Its uneven difficulty saps some enjoyment out of the otherwise whimsical journey through this new and gorgeous kingdom, but it’s still one that is admirably accessible while deep enough to be engaging throughout its 20-hour adventure.”

from GameSpot – Game News

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