Twin Peaks VR Trailer–Escape The Black Lodge And Explore The Town Later This Month

Twin Peaks VR is due to release this month, but until now we hadn’t seen any footage from it. Now a trailer has emerged, showing off the Twin Peaks iconography and scenes from the series that fans will soon be able to explore in virtual reality. This is essentially an “escape room” game that will require you to puzzle your way through several situations from the show. The game appears to be heavily based on the enigmatic and wonderful 2017 third series rather than the first two seasons, and anyone who hasn’t watched it should be wary of spoilers in the trailer below.

The trailer begins in Glastonbury Grove, by the pool where Cooper enters the Red Room at the end of the second season, and gets weird from there. The trailer shows off the Red Room, complete with the chairs and statue, as well as Dougie Jones’ waiting body. We also see the white horse from the original series and the Evolution of the Arm, and it seems like you’ll be able to get uncomfortably close and personal with it.

It also looks like the game will take you to the Fireman’s theater room from episode 8 of the third season, as well as the sheriff’s department, the box room in New York, and the traincart where Laura Palmer was murdered. The trailer promises that you can find Easter eggs, including posters of Bob and Laura’s necklace in the woods,

There are several moments from the trailer that match up exactly with the new series, including Naido being flung off into inter-dimensional space in the third episode and the Bob ball from the penultimate episode. It seems likely that the game will not fit within the canon of the Twin Peaks universe, and will instead be a way for fans to explore particular moments from the series.

The game releases on Steam and the Oculus store this month, and according to Welcome to Twin Peaks, Oculus Quest and PlayStation VR versions will follow. Twin Peaks VR comes from Collider Games, in collaboration with Showtime and series director David Lynch.

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