Xbox Series X, Formerly Project Scarlett, Looks Like A PC Desktop Tower

The Xbox Series X (the official name of Project Scarlett revealed at The Game Awards) is not shaped like any Xbox before it–or any game console, for that matter. In fact, especially in its vertical orientation, it looks a lot like a PC desktop tower. Like the Xbox 360, which could be positioned horizontally or vertically, the Xbox Series X can be positioned whichever of the two ways you prefer.

“A lot of times when you’re building hardware, you can get limited by some of the traditional tropes of what a game console looks like, plays like, or feels like,” Xbox head Phil Spencer told GameSpot. “And we wanted to design a console where the form was driven by the function, and the function was to really play the highest power, most immersive games possible.”

When designing Xbox Series X, the hardware team designed it to, at least aesthetically, match the Xbox One X. In this regard, Xbox Series X is a quiet machine–it’s intended to run games silently and figuratively blend in with the overall look of most tech, like TVs and monitors. As Spencer puts it, the Xbox Series X doesn’t take your attention “away from what’s happening on screen.”

“We gave our hardware team some real design opportunities to say, ‘Think about how you could design something that could fit this level of performance, and let’s be bold in what we’re trying to do to ensure that we [aren’t] going to have to take limitations in what we want the console to go do, to fit the form of the console and how it was going to play,'” Spencer said. “And I’m really impressed with what the team came back with. I’m probably biased, but when I look at [Xbox One] S and I look at [Xbox One] X in the generation that we’re in, I think the hardware team has done an amazing job landing those designs. And the same team led to the stuff that you’re getting ready to see for [Xbox Series X].”

from GameSpot – Game News

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