You Can Fire Apex Legends’ Hemlock Fully Auto On PC

Apparently, with certain button-mapping and equipment on PC, you can transform many of the burst-fire or single-shot weapons in Apex Legends into auto-fire. Which, if done while wielding the Hemlock, can allow you to deal out a ton of damage very quickly.

The Hemlock is a burst-fire assault rifle that uses heavy ammo and is ideal for mid-range combat. Because of its slower fire-rate, it can’t hold up at close-range in comparison to several other weapons. However, according to Reddit user mnkymnk, you can kind of transform the firearm into a fully automatic rifle while using a mouse and keyboard on PC–making it ideal for close-range combat. Mapping both left mouse click and mouse wheel up to attack, and then quickly alternating between the two while the Hemlock is in single-shot mode will cause the gun to shoot fast enough that it seems to be going full auto.

This strategy could be applied to pretty much any weapon that has a single-shot firing mode. However, the Hemlock is one of the few that both deals enough damage and has a fast enough single-shot rate to make the strategy worth it. In terms of rapid fire weapons at close-range, we still recommend both the R-301 Carbine and EVA-8. Apex Legends’ new Havoc is pretty good as well, and if you’re looking for more weapon recommendations for handling enemy squads at all ranges, check out our guide.

If you’ve been playing Apex Legends and you’re looking for more complex or advanced battle strategies for each character, check out our new series of videos. Each focuses on one of the game’s Legends, offering specific details on how each character can be countered or overcome their respective weaknesses.

Apex Legends Character Guides

Speaking of Legends, the next one–who allegedly goes by the codename Octane–may be added to Apex Legends the same day as the game’s upcoming battle pass, if apparant leaks are to be believed.

Apex Legends is available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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