Pokemon Go Leak Suggests Eevee Evolutions Glaceon And Leafeon Could Be Coming Soon

Niantic has been slowly introducing Gen 4 Pokemon to Pokemon Go over the past few months, but two that remain conspicuously missing from the game are Glaceon and Leafeon, the Ice- and Grass-type evolutions of Eevee. However, a new leak suggests the two Eeveelutions may be on the way to the game soon.

Dataminer Chrales, who has a long track record of leaking new Pokemon Go features before they’re officially announced, discovered text for three new types of Lure Modules. The Glacial Lure, according to the text, attracts Pokemon “that love the cold;” the Mossy Lure has the same effect on Pokemon that “love mossy scents;” and the Magnetic Lure draws in those that “possess a magnetic field.”

Each of the three new Lure Modules also reportedly cause some Pokemon to evolve, which suggests this is how players will be able to obtain Glaceon and Leafeon in Go. In the mainline Pokemon games, Eevee would only evolve into one of those two forms if it leveled up while near the Ice or Moss Rock. Similarly, Magneton and Nosepass would only evolve into their respective final forms, Magnezone and Probopass, if leveled up in a magnetic field. The three new Lure Modules appear to be Niantic’s way of replicating that process in Pokemon Go.

Niantic has yet to officially confirm the new Lure Modules, so it remains to be seen when they’ll arrive and how players will be able to obtain them. In the meantime, new Gen 4 Legendary Pokemon are available in Raid Battles. The Legendary lake trio, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie, are appearing in Gyms until May 27; however, each one is currently only available in a specific region.

Pokemon Go’s next Community Day is also just around the corner. The monthly event returns next Sunday, May 19. The featured Pokemon this time will be Torchic, one of the three starters from Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. A Detective Pikachu event is also underway until May 17. During that time, you’ll be able to find increased spawns of Bulbasaur, Jigglypuff, Snubble, and other Pokemon that appear in the movie, and you may even come across a Shiny Aipom or a Pikachu wearing a detective’s hat.

from GameSpot – Game News https://www.gamespot.com/articles/pokemon-go-leak-suggests-eevee-evolutions-glaceon-/1100-6466747/

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